ATV Licensing & Permits

The District of Lakeland, RM of Paddockwood & Great Blue Heron Provincial Park (GBHPP) have specific requirements for the operation of an ATV within their jurisdictions. Licences and permits are available at the District of Lakeland and RM of Paddockwood administration offices.


A trail permit is required to ride within the park. Permits are available at the park office, as well as the District of Lakeland and RM of Paddockwood offices.

An ATV Use Acknowledgement form must be signed prior to obtaining a trail permit. This form and trail maps are also available at each permit location.

Designated ATV trails are open from June 15 to the Monday of Thanksgiving weekend, weather permitting. Trails are closed at times to minimize ecological damage. Trail updates are available by calling 306-982-6250 or emailing

District of Lakeland & RM of Paddockwood

The District of Lakeland  and  RM of Paddockwood have implemented a licensing process for ATVs that may be applicable to you.

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