Trail Information & Maps

Maps of designated ATV trails are available depending on the area you plan to travel.  

Great Blue Heron Provincial Park

GBHPP offers approximately ten kilometres of designated trails within the park boundary, with plenty more trails located on adjacent crown and municipal lands. The primary trail is located on the old Highway 952, locally known ‘Poacher’s Road’. This trail connects the Murray Point area with the south end of Anglin Lake. From here, riders can loop back to their starting point by travelling in the highway right-of-way, on Crown land and trails near Clarine Lake and on designated municipal roads.

All designated ATV trail within the park are considered multi-use, so riders must be aware of other users-trappers, outfitters and potentially some vehicles.

ATVs are only permitted to operate on designated trails and are not permitted on park roads or boat launches, within the campgrounds or on hiking trails.

District of Lakeland & RM of Paddockwood

The Tree Dodgers in conjunction with other groups are in the process of developing a map of all ATV trails within the area.

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