A note from the organizer!

It has been an interesting snowmobile season! Our Wilderness Rally initially faced a lack of snow, prompting us to transform it into a fundraising event. However, a week before the event, we received some snow, leading to a change in plans and turning it into a snowmobile rally/fundraiser.

I want to express my gratitude to everyone who participated in our rally, including snowmobilers and community members. Thanks to your generous contributions and the support of our fantastic sponsors, we were able to raise just over $19,000. The club is truly grateful for your support! The funds raised will be used for our new groomer shelter.

A big thank you to all the volunteers who dedicated their time to work at the rally, as well as those who helped with the setup and cleanup—it was a long three days! Your efforts are greatly appreciated, and we couldn't have organized this event without you. Special thanks to Corey Quick and Chris Rasmussen for grooming our trails after the unexpected snowfall, ensuring that our trail system was ready for the rally. It was the best news I had heard all week! I also want to extend my gratitude to Neil MacMillan and Dwight Desormeaufor their exceptional work in clearing trails, trail signing, delivering wood to the shelters, ensuring shelters were stocked.

A huge shout out to Lance and Lori Fehr for allowing the club to use their wonderful venue at Rothenberg Family Park! I know it required a lot of effort to prepare the space, so thank you both!

I would like to thank Lloyd Fitzpatrick for serving as the MC and Frederick Bodnarus for being the auctioneer. Special thanks to Saskatoon Watersports for providing the trail lunch, TJ's Pizza for delivering pizza to the lake for supper, and Lake Country CO-OP Ambrose for the cookies. Additionally, thanks to Lakeland Log and Timber for supplying bonfire wood!

Lastly, a heartfelt thank you to our AMAZING sponsors who always support the club. The donations we received were incredible! Please show your support to these sponsors as they support us and many other community events.

I hope everyone had a great time! Looking forward to next year,hopefully with a lot more snow!

Alexis Watt,

Volunteer Organizer

Thank you to our sponsors!

Please consider supporting them whenever possible.

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